Monday Morning Blues

Beating the Monday morning blues can be an act of mental rigor the likes of which you may not face the rest of the week. We’ve all felt them. If you’ve ever been in the work force or attended school, then undoubtedly the cloud that can be Monday morning would’ve settled in at some point over your otherwise happy world. So how can you not only bear Monday but beat it at it’d own game? Below is a list of strategies for overcoming the Monday morning blues that you can begin employing to overcome that most difficult day of the week.


Monday Morning Blues – Know Your Foe

If you ask anyone why it is that Mondays are so difficult, you’ll find more often than not, people have a real challenge identifying what it is about Mondays that makes it tougher than most. This is where taking time to reflect and isolate what the root causes of your Monday challenges are can be useful. Know your foe.  Spend time getting to know how simple choices you are making may be costing you more than you realize.  Do you have trouble getting up? Are you the type of person who is late to the Monday morning meeting? Do you procrastinate, leaving things until Monday morning rather than doing the week before? Understanding where you can make changes will mean the difference between a long day and one that goes surprisingly smooth.

Monday Morning Blues


Monday Morning Blues – Doing the Sunday Prep Work

If you want Monday to go well, start by simply planning ahead. Visualize the Monday you want. It doesn’t have to take a long time to do, either. List the upcoming work challenges that you believe may pose a risk. What can you do to prepare for them? Have you completed this prep work? Why not? If you haven’t, then do so. The most common Monday morning blues arise from being unprepared. Realizing that it is not only yourself, though others as well facing these challeges allows you to avoid future difficulty by doing minimal leg work, often benefitting others around you. Monday morning blues can often snowball due to being away from the workplace for an extended period. In any number of workplace relationships co-worker expectations will vary, though one variable constant is that Monday means people will all be getting grilled for and expected to have, the answers to last week’s unresolved problems. Spending just a few minutes prepping for such situations will allow you to walk into a Monday morning meeting prepared and confident.


Monday Morning Blues – Establishing Routine

Where do you slip up? Have you identified it? Perhaps it is as simple as planning to eat healthy. Did you make a lunch? Adding such a task to your Monday morning list of things to do can be difficult and unrealistic. How much thought have you put into the items selected?  Is it a balanced meal, which will sustain you during the day without spikes in blood sugar, causing drowsiness?  Is it the type of meal that will lead to better overall long term health?  The best way to make certain of such details is to allow yourself the time to make such a meal.  Doing this on Sunday night, when you have the time will lead to a better chance of long term healthier eating habits set in.  Monday sets the tone for the rest of the week, so start it off right, with the fuel needed to do so.


Do traffic woes get you down? Are you leaving yourself enough time? Again, a big reason why Monday morning blues set in can be the result of traffic being tough to deal with.  This is because many people are running late.  This may seem simple enough, though pressing the “snooze” button can cost a person dearly.  The question that needs to be asked is, will the extra ten minutes sleep make up for being behind most of the day?  If not, you shouldn’t do it, plain and simple.  If you absolutely have to hit the snooze button, plan ahead, find at least one task you can do the night before that will save you the time needed.  Pick out your clothes for the day.  If you’re a guy, consider shaving the night before.  If you bring a bag/gym clothes, have them packed by the door and ready to go.  All you have to do is manage the resources you do have to make up for the time you don’t.

Consider for next Monday, implementing just one of these changes and see what a difference it makes.  It may not make the Monday morning blues go away permanently, though chances are you’ll see a noticeable reduction in stress and move one step closer to that ever reachable goal of daily life improvement.


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