Tesla Powerwall Home Battery Unveiled

Tesla Powerwall Home Battery

Tesla Powerwall Home Battery Unveiled

I thought this post would be some food for thought, as Tesla Powerwall home battery was recently unveiled, a revolutionary device with the capacity to store the average amount of energy used by a home in a day.  In the immediate future it can be used as a power source in the event-of an outage, or storage if a home is equipped with solar panels. Anytime there is an advancement made in sustainable living, the world, especially the developed world, should sit up and take note.  Tesla has thrown down the gauntlet with this technological advancement.  Is there room for improvement?  Certainly.  Will there be drawbacks to this technology?  Without a doubt.  There will also be no end of critics waiting in line to point them out  What’s most important is seeing this introduction of new technolgy to the market for what it truly is.  An alternative, practical fuel source that has an introductory cost which is easily accessible to the mainstream.  It opens up opportunity to offering power to the less priviliged, as well as those who live in locations which are more difficult to access.  The difficulty for alternative energy sources has not only been providing supply in an efficienct manner, though also storing it in a practical and readily available supply.  Tesla has taken a major leap forward.   Tesla Powerwall Home Battery unveiled means the competition will have to not only meet this new bar set, they will have to surpass it.  Tesla has done their job in making this task ambitious.  Either way, I see it as a bold step in making truly sustainable living an easier task for those willing to take it on.  Here is a link to the article published earlier this month by the Globe and Mail discussing the technology in more detail:

Tesla Unveils the Powerwall Home Battery


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